Children's Kendo Class

Children aged 6-14 are invited to the children's practice, which can be joined at any time during the year.

Adult Beginner Class

Those aged 14+ should join the adult beginners practice. New student intakes are run on a semester basis, with new students accepted only in January, May, and September. During each of these months, new students may come try practice at no cost. However, if one wishes to continue practicing for the rest of the semester, they will be required to register with the association.

Your First Practice

At your first practice, you must sign a Waiver Form releasing the association from physical injury liabilities as well as providing us permission to take your photographs of your class for promotional purposes.

When you join practice as a beginner, you only need to wear gym clothes (tech shirt and shorts are ideal). If you wear long loose clothing it should not cover your feet or hang over your wrists. Watches, bracelets, dangling earrings, and rings should be removed if possible, otherwise they should be taped down to avoid catching anything and causing injury.


After the starting month, if you decide you wish to register with the association, please submit a Registration Form (available at classes during any starting month) with payment of a one-time $75 registration fee. You will be given access to our website where you will be able to pay your regular class fees online. See the Practices page for more information on class fees.