19th Canadian National Kendo Championships

19th Canadian National Kendo Championships

August 14, 2017 - 03:15pm

This past week the Edmonton Kendo Club sent 12 members to Markham, Ontario to participate in the 19th Canadian National Kendo Championships. The championship is held every three years so this occasion was a rare opportunity to show our club's progress on a national stage. What made this event extra special was the inclusion of senior (50+ age) and provincial tournament divisions. Edmonton was able to field a full roster of players for each division, as well as provide the majority of members for the provincial teams:

Edmonton and Alberta Junior Team:
Spencer Check, Avery Nham, Shion Miyashita

Edmonton Men's Team:
Shion Miyashita, Avery Nham, Stephen Hladky, Jason Stelck, Scott Loyie

Edmonton Women's Team:
Brianna Loyie, Julie Robertson, Maxine Gautreau

Alberta Men's Team:
Shion Miyashita, Mikhail Kraskovskiy, Jason Stelck, Stephen Hladky, Kyle Lee (Chinook Kendo Club)

Alberta Women's Team:
Kathy Gee, Nadia Leenders, Flora Chan (Calgary Kendo Club)

Never before has Edmonton sent this many members to a national event. Moreover, this is the first time Edmonton has placed at the Canadian championships. Below are the result highlights:

  • Edmonton and Alberta Junior team placed 2nd and 3rd in their respective divisions
  • Alberta Men's Team placed 3rd
  • Shion Miyashita placed 3rd in the Junior individuals and won a fighting spirit award
  • Avery Nham won a fighting spirit award
  • The Edmonton Men's team made it to the quarter finals, tied the McGill Kendo Club in matches won but lost by points

All in all, the Edmonton club made an excellent mark on Canadian kendo at this event. It was a lot of hard work by all team members and they all have much to be proud of for their accomplishments!

New Student Intake May 2017

New Student Intake May 2017

May 1, 2017 - 04:00pm

The summer semester is starting for the Kita Kaze Budo Association! All of our martial arts clubs are transitioning to a the semester-based schedule for admitting new adult students. For the month of May, all new students may try Kendo, Naginata, or Iaido free of charge! If you wish to continue practicing after May, you must register with appropriate clubs before the end of the month.

Please check the website calendar for the times and locations of practices (new students practicing Kendo need only attend the Adult Beginner classes). For your first practice, please bring gym clothing (no shoes or socks are necessary though).

Let's have fun training during the summer months!

New Student Intake January 2017

New Student Intake January 2017

January 4, 2017 - 03:30pm

The Kita Kaze Budo Association is ringing in the 2017 year with the start of a new semester! For those interested in trying Kendo or Naginata, you are welcome to attend Monday and Wednesday practices during the month of January, free of charge! If you wish to continue practicing after January, you may decide to register with club at that time. You are welcome to try either art during the intake month however you will be required to choose one to continue thereafter.

The new semester starts January 2 but you may start at any time during the month. For your first practice, please bring gym clothing (no shoes or socks are necessary though). Prepare to work hard and have fun!

Please check out the club registration pages for more information!



August 23, 2016 - 10:30am

Welcome to the new website! The site is somewhat devoid of content right now but we hope to add much more over the coming weeks.

The old Edmonton Kendo and Naginata Club website will be phased out shortly and its domain will be redirected to the Kita Kaze Budo Association. Please note that all practice information posted on the old site is still the official version until it is closed down.

As part of the organization overhaul, every club now has its own individual website. Please check them out here: