New Student Offer

The Beginner Starter Pack is a bundle containing all the things you need to start kendo while allowing you to save some money in the process!

Why do I need this?

When starting kendo, students register with the club by paying their association fee. After a few weeks, they need to purchase a shinai before they can practice striking techniques. These costs are all on top of the regular monthly class fees. While you could pay these individually as they come up, save yourself the hassle as well as some money by getting the starter pack!

What is included?

With the starter pack you get:

  • Association Membership (a $75 value)
  • Three months of Class Fees (a $180 value)
  • Shinai (bamboo sword) (a $40 value)
  • Shinai Bag (a $15 value)

These items individually costs you $310 but by purchasing them all at once you save $60!

How can I get it?

Simply indicate on your registration form that you would like to purchase the starter pack. A discount will be added to your website account once you are registered.