Stephen Hladky

Assistant Instructor - Yondan (4 Dan)

My Experience:

I began practicing kendo with the Edmonton Kendo and Naginata club in 2007 while studying at the University of Alberta. A good friend of mine had begun practicing with the club and strongly encouraged me to join. I attended a class in late August of that year to see what it was all about and to give me some time to think about it before possibly starting in September. However, I never really needed that; within the first five minutes of practice I knew this is something I had to do.

My first three years of kendo introduced me to etiquette, footwork, basic sword techniques, and the strong social community of kendo practitioners. I found this time to be very nurturing to me as a person and inspired me to make this art a true part of my life. Since my shodan grading, I have been expanding my kendo horizons by travelling as often as I can to practice in other regions. Recently, I have been to Regina, Vancouver, and San Francisco and I plan to attend the Ontario Senior Open tournament in November 2013. I am always eager to meet new people and I look forward to sharing the journey through kendo with them.

International Kendo Experience:

While most of my training has taken place in Canada, I have travelled to the United States to practice with various clubs, the most recent being the San Francisco Kendo Club.

Seminar Experience:

I have attended several seminars in Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, and Winnipeg as well as participated in various tournaments including the Steveston Kendo Taikai and the 2011 Canadian National Tournament.